Departmental Bulletin Paper C言語の概念と実行過程を可視化するプログラミング学習用アプリケーションの開発
Development of a Web application for learning programming that visualizes concepts of C language and execution process of C programs

松本, 絵里子  ,  佐藤, 良樹  ,  佐藤, 瑞帆  ,  鈴木, 博登  ,  中谷, 香凜  ,  藤木, 諒斗  ,  馬淵, 仁輝  ,  森, 美由紀  ,  松永, 賢次  ,  望月, 俊男

24pp.15 - 26 , 2016-03-15 , 専修大学ネットワーク情報学会
We developed a Web-based application for learning basic concepts of programming that learners can study at their own pace. The application provides the function to visualize the concept and execution process of the C language, which allows beginners to learn programming with pleasure, when learners face examples and tasks. We conducted two classroom experiments in a high school and a university, revealing that the application is effective for learning programming in some extent, especially for beginner students who felt pleasure to learn with this application.

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