Departmental Bulletin Paper 情報学部生に向けたキャリアデザイン教育に関する考察 : 「情報キャリアデザイン」でのワークショップを通じて
A Consideration on Career Design for Informatics Majors : A Workshop for "Jyouhou Career Design"

木下, 麻子  ,  神白, 哲史

24pp.1 - 8 , 2016-03-15 , 専修大学ネットワーク情報学会
The purpose of this study is to investigate to what extent the third year students in School of Network and Information, Senshu university, have a clear vision for their own future career through a workshop examining their levels of understandings about the relationships between jobs and themselves, and to examine the effectiveness of the workshop. The workshop was given to the students in a class to let them try to recognize what they thought and would have to think of their future career. We found most of the students felt difficult to have a clear vision for the future career and regarded the workshop as a good opportunity to think of their career.

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