Departmental Bulletin Paper 診断精度研究の系統的レビューとメタアナリシス
Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis of Diagnostic Test Accuracy

杣取, 恵太  ,  坂本, 次郎  ,  時田, 椋子  ,  鈴木, 彩夏  ,  国里, 愛彦

6pp.41 - 58 , 2016-03-15 , 専修大学人間科学学会
Diagnostic tests specify whether a person has a specific disease or not and it extremely contribute decision-making of the intervention. Various types of diagnostic test are proposed and their methodological qualities have been improved. However, there are much inconsistent evidences in diagnostic test accuracy studies. We have become so difficulty of decision making in diagnostic test. Therefore, we believe that individual studies on diagnostic test accuracy should be synthesized for evidence based clinical psychology. In systematic reviews of diagnostic test accuracy, Cochrane collaboration is making up its guideline "Handbook for diagnostic test accuracy reviews". In the handbook, some key components of systematic reviews and meta-analysis in diagnostic test accuracy are explained, which contain the drawing up protocol, search strategy, assessing methodological quality, and meta-analysis. We review the key components of systematic reviews and meta-analysis according to "Handbook for diagnostic test accuracy reviews".

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