Departmental Bulletin Paper 知覚的負荷は意味プライミングを変化させる : 注意の瞬きを用いて検討
The effect of perceptual load on semantic priming during attentional blink

鈴木, 玄  ,  大久保, 街亜

6pp.25 - 30 , 2016-03-15 , 専修大学人間科学学会
The present study investigated whether perceptual load changes the size of semantic priming during the attentional blink. We manipulated the distinctiveness of target stimuli to control the perceptual load: perceptual load increased while the stimuli distinctiveness decreased. When the lag between the targets (i.e., first target and second target) was short (i.e., 200ms), the size of semantic priming was larger for the low load condition than for high load condition. This result agrees with the load theory of attention (Lavie, 1995) and suggests that the perceptual load modulates not only the processing of visual information but also the processing of semantic information through the intermediary of activation in the semantic network.

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