Departmental Bulletin Paper マーケティングにおける中心価値の変化 : 「価値創造」思考の新たな枠組みを中心として
Change of the Main Value on Marketing : Mainly New Framework of Value Creation

石川, 和男

10 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 16 , 2015-03-31 , 専修大学商学研究所
これまでの製品を中心としたマーケティングでは,価値は生産過程で埋め込まれるものであった。それは交換することにより,最終顧客に伝達された。しかし,顧客は製品を獲得するのが目的ではなく,獲得した製品を使用・消費する過程で得られる便益を目的としている。以前からこのような視点は主張されていたが,これを明確にしたのは,Vargo and Lusch(2004)であった。本稿では,このような価値獲得の過程を交換価値から利用価値の過程としてまとめた。その中で,ノルディック学派の影響や価値創造を支えていた発想について,価値創造の新たな枠組みとして整理した。そして,価値共創者としての消費者像を明確にし,1980年代に主張が見られたポストモダンな消費者像との比較を試みた。また,価値は企業が顧客との経験環境を構築し,経験を共創する中で生成されるため,共創経験にも言及し,これまでの消費経験論も取り上げた。
This paper made an existence position of the value in marketing to unfold mainly on products. Marketing based on GDL is carried out here, and the value is buried in products in process of productions clear. I transmitted it to the customer(e.g., consumers)by exchange. However, it is a purpose that they use advantage to be provided from products not purposes, and the acquisition of the product uses the customer. It was SDL made clear by Vargo and Lusch(2004)to have made such a viewpoint clear. In SDL, the value is formed by the interaction with producers and consumers. Therefore this paper paid off difference in value in development from GDL to SDL as a shift of "the utility value from exchangeability". In addition, I easily took up this school because the influence that the Nordic school gave was big by this shift.
Furthermore, I took up the idea that supported past value creation and arranged it as a value wound about a new frame of value creation. And I arranged each consumers image because it was in the postmodern when the consumers image as the person with value co-creation ever had been often taken up in the 1980s, and there were consumers image and a part piled up. As for the difference in consumers image as the person with value co-creation, the participation in value creation process is a deep space the latter from the consumers image which is postmodern. In addition, companies build the experience environment with consumers, and the value is generated while I perform a co-creation of experience. Therefore, in allusion to co-creative experiences, I took up past consumption empiricism at the same time. A company and the growth of consumers are caused while the value is imagined here by experience called the consumption, and it is repeated. Richer co-creative society and environment are built in future by continuing.

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