Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本の大学サッカー選抜チームにおけるゲームコンセプトに関する検討 : 日・韓大学サッカー選抜戦のゲーム分析を通して
A Study on game concept in Japan University football selection : Through game analysis of Japan and Korea University football selection game

李, 宇韺  ,  川田, 尚弘  ,  大平, 正軌  ,  松本, 直也  ,  吉村, 雅文  ,  大嶽, 真人  ,  有山, 逸平  ,  飯田, 義明

38pp.21 - 30 , 2015-03-31 , 専修大学スポーツ研究所
I. In this study, a coach is intended that we clarify it from the data analysis of the game and examine it whether players can practice a game concept in a team formation process.In this study, we used two methods called an interview investigation and video analysis. And I analyzed a game about four items of a shot, a pass, a trap, the ball acquisition.From the analysis of this example, it was suggested that following two points were important.1) Ball capture in the vital area.2) Improvement of the technique such as the pass in the vital area, a trap and the shot. It will be necessary for the coach to brush up a team concept more in future. In addition, it is demanded from the team by training that improvement knows the problem. And it is demanded that the team practices a game at a higher level.

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