Departmental Bulletin Paper The Dynamics of Union and Schism in Korean Church History

SUH, Jeong min

40pp.63 - 84 , 2017-03-31 , 明治学院大学国際平和研究所
The history of the Korean Protestant Church began with the acceptance of Christianity brought bymissions of various overseas denominations. Despite this, the unique situation of the Korean mission field resulted in the establishment of a unified confession of faith, and a unified theology and direction for participation in society. This was largely made possible due to the political and cultural situation of the Korean people in the modern era. However, the division of Korea, the Korean War, rapid economicdevelopment and the changes that occurred as a result helped to provoke serious internal conflict and schisms within the Korean Church. Yet, even though the Korean Church was established through missionary work, it still bears the characteristics of an indigenous church, so that the dynamism of its “context” has signifi cantly shaped its identity, leading to a tradition of unity. Therefore, the challenges of polarization and conflict inside the church can be overcome by looking within the traditional context of union and cooperation to develop a new understanding of ecumenism.

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