Departmental Bulletin Paper 夢の内容および夢で経験される感情に関する検討
Dream content,emotions experienced while dreaming,and anger in everyday life

野村, 信威

An exploratory study was designed to explore relationships among dream content, emotions experienced while dreaming, and anger in everyday life. A questionnaire survey was conducted with university students in a metropolitan area (N=230, 55 men and 175 women, mean age=18.8 years old, SD=1.2). Participants were asked to write down the content of a dream they recently had, using an open-ended description. Emotions that were experienced while dreaming, the frequency of recalling the dream, and the extent of anger experienced in everyday life were also inquired. The 191 dreams that were reported were classified using the KJ method (Kawakita, 1986). Result indicated 17 categories including “dreams offriends”, “extraordinary dreams”, “daily dreams”, and “dreams to be chased”, among others. The mostfrequently experienced emotion was “surprise”, which was followed by “fear”, and “joy”. A one-way analysis of variance conducted on dream content as the independent variable and anger in everyday life as the dependent variable indicated no significant differences in the extent of anger in everyday life based on dream content.
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