Departmental Bulletin Paper 体験活動の経験が学生の教職への進路選択に及ぼす影響
The Influence of Experiential Activities on Students' Career Choice in Teaching

井, 陽介  ,  渡邉, 流理也  ,  溝川, 藍  ,  藤﨑, 眞知代

This study examined how an experiential activities program in an actual school setting, a compulsory subject for sophomore in our Department, affects students’ career choice in teaching. The results showed that most of the students who were motivated to become teachers by the program took the Japanese Teaching Staff Examination whereas more than 60 % of the students who were demotivated did not. It was also observed that some demotivated students recovered their passion to become teachers after experiencingteaching practice. However, since the deadline for applying for the Japanese Teaching Staff Examinationis set before the students’ recovery of passion through the teaching practice program, the current state of affairs is that they will not be able to choose the teaching career. Therefore, it is essential to reconsider how students should be supported during and after the experiential activities, as well as reconsideringthe enhancement of the experience at educational sites during the third year.
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