Departmental Bulletin Paper 説明経験と説明の上手さが架空事象の実在性認知に与える影響
Influence of explanation-experience and felicity of explanation to the reality cognition of fictitious event

宮本, 聡介  ,  菅, さやか  ,  太幡, 直也

In this article, we define "post-explanation effect" as psychological influence of explanation experience to the explainers themselves. Two experiments are conducted to prove this effect. In experiment 1, the influence of explanation experience about fictitious psychological words to the reality of these words was tested. In experiment 2, influence of the felicity of explanation to the cognition of reality was tested. Results showed that 1) explanation experience affected the reality of fictitious psychological words, and commitment intervened between explanation and reality, 2) felicity of explanation affected the reality of fictitiouspsychological words. In this study, the effect of explanation experience (post explanation effect) was identified and its multiple influence to everyday life was discussed.
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