Departmental Bulletin Paper A Study of the Perceived Benefits and Challenges of Using Instructional Rubrics via Moodle in an Academic English Writing Course for Japanese Students


The growth in the number of EFL students applying for graduate degrees in foreign institutions justifies more research into the extent to which the uniformity of EFL students’ writing assessments affects the validity of their grades and how these discrepancies can be minimised. The purpose of this paper is to determine whether the use of instructional rubrics via Moodle as a Learning Management System (LMS), benefit first year Japanese students’ academic English writing and to highlight the benefits and drawbacks of using rubrics in the grading process. The study surveyed a group of first year Japanese students studying on an introductory academic English course and identified some of the challenges facing the student and teacher when creating and using instructional rubrics on Moodle. The conclusion confirms the benefits of instructional rubrics and presents some ideas for teaches to prepare rubrics for writing classes.
【調査・研究報告/Brief Reports】

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