Departmental Bulletin Paper 中学校3年生を対象とした現代的なリズムのダンスにおける授業実践 : 教師が考えた振り付けから生徒が創る振り付けへ
The lesson study of contemporary rhythmic dance for the 3rd grade junior school students : From choreography by the teacher to choreography the students creating

大西, 祐司  ,  藤井, 豊康  ,  安倍, 健太郎

(14)  , pp.97 - 104 , 2017-03-15 , びわこ成蹊スポーツ大学
 Currently, contemporary rhythmic dance is high social needs and student’s intereststherefore it has taught in school at a high rate than other dance categories. However, there is not almost research outcomes. The purpose of this study is to report the lesson study that contemporary rhythmic dance involved from choreography by the teacher to choreography the students creating at the 3rd grade of junior school. The result of the lesson was highly regarded by the students, in specific, the students tended to realize psychomotor goal. Although, dance is positively accepted by female in general, this lesson was also effective for male. Possible causes include that the choreography by the teacher make the students feel easy and the positive interaction leads the facilitated activities. Future topics of discussion is translating initiative, making groups and considering the character to a male or a female.

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