Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学校における薬物乱用防止教育の進め方 : 薬物の正しい理解と行動力を身に付けさせるための工夫
Preventing Drug Abuse in Elementary Schools : Methods to Teach Students the Correct Understanding and Proper Behavior Regarding Drugs

江藤, 和子  ,  谷川, 尚己

(13)  , pp.69 - 77 , 2016-03-15 , びわこ成蹊スポーツ大学
We devised our own methods and materials for teaching elementary school students about the correct understanding and proper behavior regarding the health topics of smoking, drinking and drug abuse. The results from classes that implemented our methods are as follows. We implemented 7 items, and the students thought about what is a drug in groups, and also learned that cold medicines, cigarettes and alcohol are also drugs. The students showed surprising interest in the topics about which they would learn. Showing the students newspaper articles and pictures of recent local instances of drug abuse was effective. We described the bad effects of drugs on the body using an organ vest. We also implemented role plays to teach students how to say no to drugs, which was effective in teaching awareness of a situation they may or may not encounter. Students learned about drugs and not to meddle with them by forming pairs and designing their own anti-drug slogans. We also enlisted the help of the school pharmacist, which was effective in teaching about health, smoking, drinking and drug abuse. Furthermore, it is also effective to implement lessons when students’ parents are visiting the school.

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