Departmental Bulletin Paper 表現リズム遊び・リズムダンス・現代的なリズムのダンスにおける現状と課題 : 学習指導要領に導入されてからの文献を対象に
A Study on the Current State and Issues of Rhythm Play, Rhythmic Dance and Contemporary Rhythmic Dance : Literature Review from 1998 to 2014

大西, 祐司  ,  三田, 沙織  ,  岡出, 美則

(13)  , pp.35 - 48 , 2016-03-15 , びわこ成蹊スポーツ大学
The purpose of this study was to identify the current state and issues of rhythmic dance; rhythm play, rhythmic dance and contemporary rhythmic dance. To achieve this objective, we set the following two tasks:1) identify the comprehensive outcomes of research of the practical studies of rhythmic dance,2) show the characteristics of the content knowledge and teaching materials of rhythmic dance. We collected and took counted literature that included general and specific academic papers and books based on rhythmic dance. we also categorized them by practical study, theoretical study, fundamental study and made summary tables. Then we revealed characteristics based on descriptive content. The findings of this study were as follows:1) There were a lot of studies from various positions but outcomes of studies were almost not verified.2) There were three characteristics of the content knowledge and teaching materials of rhythmic dance: teachers instruct movements and choreographies, students arrange and create movements and choreographies from what they learned, then students do an improvisation. In consideration of content knowledge, there were differences in how we capture the features of cultural heritage dance.

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