Departmental Bulletin Paper 健康・安全に関する理解が深まる保健学習の進め方に関する研究 : 大学生のS中学校での医薬品に関する授業実践およびその段階的取組
Research on Promoting Health Studies to Promote Health and Safety Understanding~A College Student’s Class Experiment and Phased Efforts at Proper use of Pharmaceutical at S Junior High School ~

谷川, 尚己  ,  宮尾, 夏姫  ,  田中, 久嗣  ,  守谷, まさ子  ,  松田, 保

(12)  , pp.49 - 59 , 2015-03-15 , びわこ成蹊スポーツ大学
 Students, who are studying to become health and physical education instructors, received the opportunity to implement his “proper use of pharmaceuticals” in 7 3rd year S Junior High School classes. The aim of the classes was to implement content in which the students think for themselves, learn together and can participate in health class with interest. The result was that the students, while nervous, prepared learning equipment and cards, and introduced experiments in running the classes. The process of teaching the students and learning what went well and what didn’t, all the while working together to make effective classes was good. They implemented a quiz style survey before and after the classes, and the data clearly show that the target students’ level of understanding increased after the classes. Furthermore, for those who were not able to deliver classes, after watching their peers deliver their classes, many expressed their desire to try doing the same research. Also, the students gained experience that they would never have had access to only through model classes at university. This research was regarding pharmaceuticals, but of regardless the target, it is clear that the students experienced first hand that their efforts and creativity along with a well thought out teaching plan and document preparation are very important to the process.

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