Thesis or Dissertation ユーザプロファイル獲得に向けた高齢者と音声対話ロボットの雑談履歴の解析

篠田, 遥子

pp.1 - 48 , 2016-03-25
Recently, the number of elderly people increases all over the world. Japan has large number of elderly people and small number of children compere to other countries, so it is a serious super ageing society. The percentage of elderly people living alone is also increasing with that. "Decrease of communication at the house" and "Decrease of contact with society" are considered as a problem of elderly people living alone. "The middle and old age are highest." is reported the percentage of the depressed tendency in Japan. Decrease of conversation tends to cause the depressed tendency. The conversation is an important element for prevention. On the other hand, a robot of the preceding study assumes short term conversation instead of long term conversation. Even a long communication can be done by a robot by repeating the same conversation. And in a chat, it can't give suitable reply and information to an individual. The research proposes a chat with a chat robot to solve this problem. The dialogue of the result is analyzed. And the research aims to get the feature keyword and the user profile from a dialogue of elderly person with a chat robot. A robot recognizes a category of the user's chat contents, and a category which consists of the feature keyword is needed to control a now of conversation. The research has decided to do "conversation" using form of chat which does not have any theme as communication with a robot. As an analysis of this research, a category assignment result which a chat robot did automatically is inspected. And this research inspects whether it gets the feature keyword to acquire the user profile.
首都大学東京, 2016-03-25, 修士(工学)

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