Thesis or Dissertation Validation of a global scale to assess the quality of interprofessional teamwork in mental health settings

Tomizawa, Ryoko  ,  Yamano, Mayumi  ,  Osako, Mitue  ,  Hirabayashi, Naotugu  ,  Ohshima, Nobuo  ,  Shigeta, Masahiro  ,  Reeves, Scott

pp.1 - 32 , 2017-03-25
Background: Few scales currently exist to assess the quality of interprofessional teamwork through team members’ perceptions of working together in mental health settings. Aims: The purpose of this study was to revise and validate an interprofessional scale to assess the quality of teamwork in inpatient psychiatric units and to use it multi-nationally. Methods: A literature review was undertaken to identify evaluative teamwork tools and develop an additional 12 items to ensure a broad global focus. Focus group discussions considered adaptation to different care systems using subjective judgements from 11 participants in a pre-test of items. Data quality, construct validity, reproducibility, and internal consistency were investigated in the survey using an international comparative design. Results: Exploratory factor analysis yielded five factors with 21 items: ‘patient/community centred care’, ‘collaborative communication’, ‘interprofessional conflict’, ‘role clarification’, and ‘environment’. High overall internal consistency, reproducibility, adequate face validity, and reasonable construct validity were shown in the USA and Japan. Conclusions: The revised Collaborative Practice Assessment Tool (CPAT) is a valid measure to assess the quality of interprofessional teamwork in psychiatry and identifies the best strategies to improve team performance. Furthermore, the revised scale will generate more rigorous evidence for collaborative practice in psychiatry internationally.
首都大学東京, 2017-03-25, 博士(作業療法学), 乙第146号

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