Thesis or Dissertation B_σ空間の前双対について

吉田, 紘子

pp.1 - 27 , 2016-03-25
It is confirmed that the various operators on the predual of Morrey spaces and B_σ- L^p spaces are bounded. At first, we check their boundedness and define B_σ-Morrey the predual space. This space is the set of all the measurable functions decomposed into f = Σ^∞_<j=1>λ_jB_j with some {λ_j}^∞_<j=1> ∈ ℓ^1(N) and some sequence {B_j}^∞_<j=1> of (p′, q′, σ;Q_j, r_j )-blocks. Then the predual of B_σ-Morrey spaces is shown to satisfy Fatou's lemma and the boundedness of the Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator, the singular integral operator and the fractional integral operator.
首都大学東京, 2016-03-25, 修士(理学)

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