Journal Article 内的健康統制感が高齢者に対する介入プログラムの効果に与える影響 : MOHOプログラムと運動プログラムの比較
The influence of internal health locus of control on the effects of intervention in the healthy elderly : Comparison of MOHO-based program and exercise program

高木, 大輔  ,  石井, 良和  ,  川又, 寛徳  ,  山田, 孝

19 ( 4 ) 2016 , 日本作業行動学会
本研究では,内的健康統制感を持つ高齢者を対象に,2つの介護予防プログラムの効果に違いがあるのかを検討した.対象は,人間作業モデルに基づく健康増進プログラムまたは介護予防運動プログラムに参加した高齢者39名とした.対象のうち日本版主観的健康統制感尺度で,内的健康統制感が高いと判定した者を抽出し人間作業モデル群(18名),運動群(8名)とした.効果の測定は老人用うつスケール短縮版,生活満足度指標Z,SF-36を行いプログラム実施前後の変化量で比較した.その結果,SF-36の活力に有意差が認められ,人間作業モデル群が運動群よりも高かった (p=.05).健康統制感の概念を用いることは,効果的な介護予防プログラムの開発につながる可能性がある.
In this study, we discussed if there any different effect between two long-term care prevention programs among the elderly persons who have Internal Health Locus of Control (IHLC). Thirty-nine elderly subjects who were 65 years of age or older, were recruited from the participants of the wellness program based on the Model of Human Occupation(MOHO) in Sapporo, Akita, Sendai, and Tokyo, and the participants of the long-term care preventive exercise program in Sendai. Based on Japanese version of the Health Locus of Control (HLC) Scale, subjects with higher Internal HLC were picked up, in which eighteen subjects from MOHO group and eight subjects from exercise group. The scores of Geriatric Depression Scale-Short form (GDS), Life-Satisfaction Index Z (LSIZ), and the MOS 36-Item Short-Form Health Survey (SF-36) were used as outcome measure. To clarify the effects of intervention, we compared the amount of change in scores of each outcome measure before and after the program performed. Both programs were held 15 times, with once 120 minutes long. All subjects consent to participate this study after explanation before the program started. In the results, there was significant difference at Vitality (p=0.05) , one of the subscale of SF-36. The MOHO group have significant higher scores than the exercise group. To use the concept of HLC maybe contribute to the development of effective long-term care prevention program.

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