Thesis or Dissertation 超音波画像を用いた正常膝関節の持続牽引に伴う離開距離の解析 : 牽引時間と牽引強度の違いが及ぼす影響について
Analysis of Separation Distance Induced by Continuous Traction of Normal Knee Joint using Ultrasound Imaging : The Influence of the Different Traction Times and Traction Strengths

小川, 大輔  ,  宇佐, 英幸  ,  松村, 将司  ,  畠, 昌史  ,  見供, 翔  ,  清水, 洋治  ,  竹井, 仁

43 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 9 , 2016 , 日本理学療法士協会
【目的】本研究は膝関節の持続牽引に伴う関節裂隙の距離変化(離開距離)を解析し,関節牽引を効果的に行うための示唆を得ることを目的とした。【方法】健常成人42名を牽引強度が異なる3群(100・150・200 N群)に割りつけた後,50°屈曲位に設定した膝関節を牽引し,牽引前と牽引中(5・10・30・60・120・180秒)の関節裂隙の超音波画像から離開距離を解析した。【結果】3群ともに牽引開始直後に有意な離開が生じていたが,100 N群では離開距離の経時的変化を認めず,150・200 N群では,牽引開始から10秒後以降に離開距離の有意な経時的増大を認めた。5・10秒では3群の離開距離に有意差を認めなかったが,30秒以降では,150・200 N群の離開距離は100 N群より有意に大きかった。【結論】関節牽引を用いて膝関節の結合組織の伸長を得るためには,100 Nより大きな牽引強度と10 秒より長い牽引時間が必要なことが示唆された。
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to understand how to effectively perform joint traction by analyzing the distance change of the joint space (separation distance) induced by continuous traction of the knee joint. Method: A total of 42 healthy subjects were divided into three groups based on traction strength (100, 150, and 200 N group). We then analyzed the separation distance using ultrasound images of the joint space, before and during knee joint traction (5, 10, 30, 60, 120, 180 s) at 50° flexion angle. Result: All groups showed statistically significant separation immediately after the start of the traction; however, separation distance did not change over time in the 100 N group. On the other hand, we observed a significant chronological increase in separation distance in the 150 N and 200 N groups at 10 s after the start of the traction. There were no significant differences in separation distances among the three groups for 5 s and 10 s; however, after 30 s, separation distances in the 150 N and 200 N groups were significantly greater than that of the 100 N group. Conclusion: These results suggest that extending the connective tissue of the knee joint using traction requires traction strengths greater than 100 N and traction times longer than 10 s.
首都大学東京, 2016-03-25, 博士(理学療法学), 甲第629号

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