Departmental Bulletin Paper Inflow of sand caused by the 1703 Genroku Kanto tsunami as described in historical documents

Muragishi, Jun

(51)  , pp.77 - 82 , 2016 , Department of Geography, Tokyo Metropolitan University
This paper investigates the inflow of sand into farmlands and the number of houses washed away in villages by the 1703 Genroku Kanto earthquake tsunami on the basis of historical documents. Some of these historical documents provide details about the inflow of sand such as the total area inundated and the subsequent recovery process. The records show that there were many areas damaged by the inflow of sand into farmlands as well as houses that were washed away. These areas correlate well with the distribution of stone monuments for the 1703 Genroku Kanto earthquake. Careful investigation of historical documents would provide useful information in tsunami deposit field surveys.

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