Departmental Bulletin Paper Landslide features in the Damji and Gasa District, Gasa Dzongkhag, Northwestern Bhutan

Kariya, Yoshihiko  ,  Komori, Jiro  ,  Tsuzuki, Toshiyuki

(51)  , pp.21 - 27 , 2016 , Department of Geography, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Landslides in the Damji-Gasa district were investigated. Linear depressions, several kilometres long, were discovered on the major ridge and its side slopes. Mesoscale landslides with continuum slopes from the upper shallow concave to the lower gentle convex shapes were also found on the ridge side slopes. Furthermore, many shallow landslides were present beside a forest road. Gneiss is a crucial diathesis as it creates dip-slope conditions favourable for the onset of landslides. High precipitation is also important. Landslides seem to be a potential threat to the Damji-Gasa district. Further data is required to mitigate and prevent geohazards.

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