Departmental Bulletin Paper ラグジュアリーにおけるブランディングの民主化 : 英国ブランドBurberryの事例
Democratization of Branding in Luxury : A Case Study of British Brand, Burberry

中田, 寛

(14)  , pp.29 - 46 , 2016-02-29 , 首都大学東京大学院社会科学研究科経営学専攻 経営学会
This study sets out to examine actions of a luxury brand to raise its brand value through collaboration with users, to take in potential demands for spreading market including Asia. The study uses British luxury brand, Burberry and its 3 attempts as a case, due to engagements of its users and the role they are considered to have played for brand developments these years. Differently from the conventional strategy, it submits a viewpoint to discover its new meaning for the brand through evaluation of its users who started joint ownership of the knowledge based on their experiences, embody it to products and then, evolve that brand.

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