Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国都市部における環境配慮消費 : 消費態度の影響をめぐる計量分析
Eco-consumption in China’s Urban Area : Quantitative Analysis for the Effects of Consumer Attitudes

畑山, 要介

(51)  , pp.95 - 110 , 2016-03-18 , 首都大学東京人文科学研究科
The purpose of this paper is examining the effects of consumer attitudes on ecoconsumption in China. In advanced countries eco-consumption has regarded as a kind of the behavior motivated by post-materialistic needs. According to Ronald Inglehart, individual values would transform as society develop; from the needs for survival to the needs for self-expression. Indeed many researches in advanced countries show that eco-friendly behavior is related to the needs for ‘individual lifestyle’. In industrial age consumer's private needs were regarded as a root of the destruction of the environment, but now they promote the protection of it. In other words the eco-consumption in postindustrial age is more ‘consumeristic’. But contemporary China is an amalgam of industrial and post-industrial society; namely ‘compressed modernity’. We tried to examine the tendency of the consumeristic eco-consumption in China by quantitative analysis using the social survey data in Shanghai. This analysis illuminates mainly two facts. (1) Consumer attitudes variables don't have any effects on eco-consumption. But (2) focusing just younger people (under 45 years old), ‘individual orientation’ has a significant effect. Chinese ecoconsumption is non-consumeristic behavior as a whole, but we can find the symptom of consumeristic eco-consumption in younger generation.

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