Thesis or Dissertation 訪問リハビリテーションにおける“1日の生活の振り返りプログラム”の効果 : 「作業バランス自己診断」を用いて

野尻, 亜希

pp.1 - 12 , 2015-03-25
訪問リハビリテーションにおいて,作業バランス自己診断」は介入手段として有効であるかを検討する目的で,要介護高齢者7名に「作業バランス自己診断」を用いた“1日の生活の振り返りプログラム”を実施し,対象者の心理面に対する効果を検討したその結果,生活満足点はプログラム前後で有意に向上した(p=0.04). 特性的自己効力感尺度は一定の傾向を示さなかった.発言内容をKJ法で統合すると10の概念が生成され,『考えるきっかけ』『生活に対する肯定的な意味づけ』『生活を支えるもの』『隠された思い』『将来への思い』の5つの構造に集約された.プログラムを共に行うことは,【生活の客観視】を可能にし,【これからの生活を考える】きっかけとなっていた.プログラム後は,『将来への思い』が表出され,生活満足点が向上したことから,今後,訪問リハビリテーションにおける一つの介入手段として応用できる可能性が示された.
The purpose of this study was to deliberate the psychological effects of an intervention program to reflect on daily occupational balance for certified Long-Term Care elderly people. A mixed-method approach of quantitative and qualitative research was used to evaluate for this program. The quantitative data was gathered from psychological questionnaires and the qualitative data was gathered from semi-structured interviews. This program was consisted of self-reported occupational balance questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. Each session took between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Participants were 4 males and 3 females aged 65 to 90 years old who were using home-visit rehabilitation services. As a result, the scores of life satisfaction were increased significantly (P=0.04). However the scores of generalized self-efficacy were not changed significantly. The qualitative data was analyzed using the KJ-method, and 10 concepts were identified. These 10 concepts were made up of the following essential elements. This program gave participants “opportunity to think” and they found “things that support their life” and noticed “positive meaning of their life” and then started to think about “vision for future”. They have also “hidden feelings” which inhibit from noticing “positive meaning of their life” and thinking about “vision for future”. Our study findings suggest that this program can help certified Long-Term Care elderly people to start to think about their occupational balance and their future.

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