Thesis or Dissertation 摂食・嚥下障害における専門性と介入項目の関係性に関する研究 : 病院・クリニックにおけるチーム・ケアの視点から

根岸, 裕司

pp.1 - 12 , 2015-03-25
病院・クリニックに入院中の摂食・嚥下障害者に関わる専門職が実際に行っている業務内容のアンケート調査を実施した.その結果,11職種,174名の回答があった.摂食・嚥下障害のケア・サポートに対する専門性の業務の高い職種は,看護師,医師,ST,OT,歯科医師の順であった.項目は44項目あり,共通する因子の上位はICFのカテゴリーで「心身機能・身体構造」「活動」の中の項目に集中していた.摂食・嚥下機能は食べることであり,咀嚼~嚥下機能が業務の主要目的であることが結果から明らかとなった.業務の重なり具合や項目の共通性から,全ての専門職が臨床の業務の中で流動的に動く,相互乗り入れチーム(Transdisciplinary team)への提唱が示された.
In admission to hospitals and clinics, professionals involved in dysphagia have been carried out actually go and have survey of service content. As a result, there are 11 occupations, of 174 people reply. For the care and support of dysphagia, highly specialized service occupations, nurses, doctors, ST, OT, was in the order of a dentist. Top in common factor, ICF category had concentrated on items in the "body function and structure", "activities". Chewing or swallowing function is to eat. Chewing-swallowing function is the main purpose of the service. These are revealed from the results. Common factor is high thing among all the items ([Evaluation of swallowing function (0.87)], [dental treatment (0.87)], [chewing or swallowing functional training (0.87)], [determination of diet (0.86)]) . Conversely, The common factor with each other is the low item ([Check (0.46)], [Evaluation of the side effects of medication (0.51)], [Swallowing contrast (0.52)]). To represent an item visually, have created a scatter plot. For item, have a vertical axis and the cumulative value of the overlap of service and a horizontal axis to a common factor. Scatter plots into four quadrants were separated item analysis. Was seen as it is positioned as a group. Through the fourth quadrant from the second quadrant, large number of items indicates the relevance from the upper left to lower right direction. From commonality of overlapping state and items of service, all of the profession moves fluidly in clinical service, Transdisciplinary team has been shown.

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