Thesis or Dissertation 脳血管障害者のADL自己評価における心理介入効果の研究

堀, 翔太

pp.1 - 13 , 2015-03-25
In order to facilitate patients' self-awareness, applied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, counseling has been conducted sixteen times in two months for stroke patients admitted in the recovery phase rehabilitation ward. The self-evaluation of ADL, FIM, total FIM, depressive state and emotional disturbance were evaluated at the start, in the middle (after one month), and at the end (after two months) of this study. Given the definition of discrepancy between self-evaluation of ADL and FIM as evaluation ratio, it was calculated from the remainder between self-evaluation of ADL and FIM as an objective evaluation. As a result, there were no significant differences in evaluation ratio of each ADL item, but there were significant improvements in total FIM, depressive state, and emotional disturbance. There was no direct relationship between evaluation ratio of each ADL item and depressive state and between the ratio and emotional disturbance. Therefore, the following factors seem to be important to make self-evaluation of ADL stable; occupational therapy and counseling with self-efficacy of stroke patients taken into consideration and also evaluation of self-efficacy as well as improvements in depressive state and emotional disturbance.

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