Thesis or Dissertation 在宅脳血管障害者の「人生を物語ること」による意味ある作業への気づき

竹内, 幸子

pp.1 - 12 , 2015-03-25
The psychological intervention for in-home cerebrovascular disability persons is needed in order to make them find the meaning of life and have more valuable occupations in their life. However, there are not so much studies of the psychological intervention for them. To verify whether narrative approach of the life as psychological intervention is effective, I intervened in 10 in-home cerebrovascular disability persons by narrative approach to get their life story. The contents of notice to the meaningful occupations were analyzed in accordance with KJ method. As principle results, the total number of labels about meaningful occupations they want to do that increased from 41 to 57 after the intervention, then, some of their meaningful occupations were changed. They had no clear hope in the future and obsessed to illness before the intervention, but they began to focus on specific feasible activities and relationships with people after the intervention. Narrative approach of the life caused realistic and concrete thinking, understanding of their features, and made them ambitious to act in exploring their own way of the life. And narrative approach made aware of the feelings of gratitude to family and others and alive. This study suggested that narrative approach of the life caused to act more meaningful occupations in own life by occurring a clear behavior to change with awareness of own life.

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