Thesis or Dissertation フィードバックの内容が練習効果に与える影響について : 不安の程度による検討

立花, 貴弘

pp.1 - 11 , 2015-03-25
特性不安の高い者に与えるFeedBack(FB)が練習効果に及ぼす影響を検討した.対象は健常成人29名とし,状態特性不安検査の特性不安の点数により高不安群・対照群に分け,さらにFBの内容から各群をPositive FB群-Negative FB群に分けた.練習課題は長下肢装具装着100m歩行とし,評価課題は長下肢装具装着50m歩行とMulti-Target Stepping Testを練習課題前・後に実施した.練習前テスト前に両群に予期不安を生起させるようなFBを与え,練習後テスト前に群分けに応じたFBを与えた.練習前テストで高不安Negative群は対照Negative群と比較して交感神経活動の指標であるLF/HF値が高く,その後も高不安群は対照群と比較して高値で推移した.このことから不安が高い者にプレッシャーとなるようなFBを与えることは,交感神経活動を高め,練習効果に影響を与える可能性が示された.
The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of feedback on practice effect among people with high trait anxiety. The Subjects were 29 healthy adults who were classified into high trait anxiety (high anxiety groups) and not high trait anxiety (control groups), based on as core of State-Trait Anxiety Inventory. The subjects were further randomly divided into positive and negative feedback groups. The practice was walking 100m that subjects were wearing a knee and ankle foot orthosis. The evaluation test was walking 50 m and Multi-Target Stepping Test two times, before and after the practice that the subjects were wearing a knee and ankle foot orthosis. The subjects in both groups were given feedback that produced anticipatory anxiety before the test that preceded the exercise; they also received feedback, depending on the group into which they were classified, before the test that followed the exercise. The heart rates were measured throughout the experiment, and the LF (low frequency)/HF (high frequency), an index of sympathetic nerve activity, and the HF, which is an index of parasympathetic nerve activity, were calculated. The results indicated that LF/HF was higher in the high anxiety groups who received negative feedback before the pre-exercise test than in control groups who received in the negative feedback group. In the high anxiety group than the control group, continued to have high values afterwards. These results suggest that sympathetic nervous system activity was elevated in high anxiety groups when feedback was provided, which increased pressure before first-evaluation test; this change may affect the practice effect.

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