Thesis or Dissertation 精神科看護に従事する看護職員の科学的根拠を導く過程での個人における認識の検討

大貫, 美奈子

pp.1 - 15 , 2015-09-30
This study aimed to clarify whether psychiatric nurses' practice is based on scientific evidence and what kinds of factors (i.e. individual recognition, clinical experience, and information source about psychiatric nursing) relate to utilization of scientific evidence in psychiatric nursing by using questionnaire to 254 psychiatric nurses. The result showed that psychiatric nurses have much clinical experiences in many nursing fields and 96.5% of those examine their attitude and support in psychiatric nursing. The higher level of consciousness concerning scientific evidence of psychiatric nurses significantly related to duration of psychiatric clinical experiences, frequency of reading nursing journals / newspapers / books, and attending on-the-job training out of their hospitals. The higher level of the consciousness related to high frequency of examining their clinical practice. These result suggest that in the psychiatric nursing field, the level of nurses' consciousness about evidenced-based practice rooted in their psychiatric clinical experiences, the frequent examination of psychiatric nursing practice, accessibility to published journal and on-the-job training, and communication with another professions except nurses.
首都大学東京, 2015-09-30, 修士(看護学)

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