Journal Article コメディカル学生の高齢者に対する態度尺度の作成と信頼性・妥当性の検討
A study on the validity and reliability of the geriatric attitude scale for co-medical students

宮本, 礼子  ,  ボンジェ, ペイター  ,  須山, 夏加  ,  小林, 法一

37 ( 1 )  , pp.3 - 16 , 2015-04 , 日本老年社会科学会
 高齢者支援のなかでも,中長期的に生活支援を行うコメディカルスタッフや学生の高齢者観は,支援姿勢に影響を及ぼす.またコメディカル学生の高齢者への態度変容は,その後のキャリア選択にも関与する.だがコメディカル学生を対象とし,時代に合った高齢者観をもとに作成された尺度は,国内で報告がない.本研究では,海外で作成されたUCLA-GASを参考にコメディカル学生の高齢者に対する態度尺度を作成し,その信頼性妥当性を検討した. 翻訳の検討により表面的妥当性を確保し,探索的因子分析を実施した結果,この尺度は10項目4因子構造であることが推察された.検証的因子分析では9項目が採用され,適合度指標はX2値=19.16(p=0.58>0.05,df=21), GFI=0.97, AGFI=0.93, CFI=1.00, RMSEA=0.00で,構成概念妥当性は高いことがわかった.またCronbachα=0.74で一定の信頼性が確認された.
 A study on the validity and reliability of the geriatric attitude scale for co-medical students. The views towards the elderly held by co-medical staff(nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists)and students who provide medium and long-term care for the elderly affect their attitudes about providing care. Furthermore, changes in co-medical students’ attitudes about care provision for the elderly will influence their later career choices. However, a scale reflecting the view of co-medical students towards the elderly has not yet been developed in Japan. In this study, we developed a geriatric attitude scale for co-medical students by referring to the UCLA-GAS and studied its reliability and validity. Exploratory factor analysis was done on the tentative version whose face validity was established after equivalent terms in translation were investigated. The exploratory factor analysis resulted in a scale of 10 items and 4 factors. The confirmatory factor analysis, with an index of goodness-of-fit of x2=19.16(p=0.58>0.05, df=21), GFI=0.97, AGFI=0.93, CFI=1.00, and RMSEA=0.00,  showed high construct validity(using 9 items). Reliability testing demonstrated internal consistency with Cronbach’s alpha of 0.74.
図1 表題訂正あり(p.10)正)コメディカル学生の高齢者に対する態度尺度の尺度構造モデル

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