Conference Paper Qualitative Simulation for Early-Stage Service Design

Morishita, Yoshiki  ,  Murakami, Fumika  ,  Kimita, Koji  ,  Hosono, Shigeru  ,  Izukura, Sayaka  ,  Sakaki, Hiroshi  ,  Numata, Eriko  ,  Shimomura, Yoshiki

Currently, the importance of services is widely accepted in various industries. Given this background, fundamental research on service engineering is carried out quite actively. Service engineering seeks to provide design methodology for services from an engineering perspective. In product and service design, designers are generally forced to spend a lot of redesign works if design changes occur at a late stage of the design process. Thus, it is important for designers to validate design solutions in the early stage(s) of the design process by using simulation methods. However, simulation models in the existing methods are built with quantitative information. In the early stages of the service design process, most of the information about a design solution is still not defined; therefore, it is difficult to obtain sufficient quantitative information. For obtaining such quantitative information, service providers need to offer a designed service to their customers as a trial, which impose much effort for building quantitative simulation models. In order to reduce such risks, this research applies a qualitative simulation method, which can be used to analyze the behavior of systems with fuzzy qualitative information. In this paper, we propose a method to build a qualitative simulation model with the design information available at the early stage(s) of the service design process. This method would enable designers to evaluate a design solution in the early stage of a service design process and would increases quality of the service design.
サービス学会主催 The 3rd International Conference on Serviceology (ICServ 2015) July 7-9, 2015 in San Jose, CA, USA.

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