Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国における乳癌患者の身体経験
Physical Experience of Breast Cancer Patients in China

毛, 慧婷

36pp.49 - 74 , 2015-12 , 首都大学東京・都立大学社会学研究会
As the greatest threat to women's life in present, breast cancer is drawing ever growing attention, while the domestic sociology study on this subject is barely vacancy in China. Besides the suffering of the terror of recurrence, which are shared by patients with all kinds of cancers, the breast cancer patients are suffering a much calmer and much more obscure torment caused by their permanent damaged body. Body is the origin of all their troubles. Based on this point of view, through participate observation and deep interview, the author collected a vast range of cases, and described the progresses of patients' body adjustment, from body loss to body decoration, towards body presentation. This article is going to analyze the body changing of patients through the view of gender sociology and physical sociology. This article argues that a series of body changing by the patient represents their effort to body-reconstruction, which is an essential part of the progress of self-reconstruction. But due to their “brand of infamous” revealed by the conflict between the standard of beauty constructed by society and their imperfection of body, it would be immensely difficult for the patients to reach the stage of self-esteem, thus hardly towards the real self-reconstruction. At the end of the article, the author raised a new subject of research: how could the patients of breast cancer achieve the goal of self-reconstruction.

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