Thesis or Dissertation 日韓生涯スポーツ交流事業の効果に関する研究 : 日本スポーツマスターズと韓国全国生活体育大祝典に着目して

玄, 素姃

pp.1 - 72 , 2015-03-25
This study examines the existing state of 'international exchange business of lifelong sports events between Japan and South Korea' through literature, interview and questionnaire survey. This business has been continued steadily for 18 years since 1997. The purpose of this paper is to consider the reasons for this business is steadily maintained, and also to evaluate the achievement of this business. Then this paper purposes to suggest this business something to need from now on. Chapter 1 is introduced widely about background, purpose, method, range, composition, hypothesis of this study. Chapter 2 is investigated concretely about the outline of international exchange business of lifelong sports events between Japan and South Korea, that is, the Japanese Sports Masters and the Korea National Life Sports Festival. This exchange business has three characters; Firstly, they are supported by the Government. Secondly, however, they are organized by the private sector. Thirdly, the exchange is not short-term, but it is intended to be long-term after the festival. Chapter 3 is compared results of the past survey that was realized by sports Association of two countries of Japan and South Korea separately. According to the questionnaire, both Japanese and Korean participants were highly satisfied with the exchange business. However, as those survey was not sufficient to study, we have to remake the questionnaire for 2014. Chapter 4 is analyzed about results of the survey in 2014 by the South Korea Sports Association, and I joined the making of the questionnaire. According to the 2014 survey, more than eighty percent of both the Japanese and Korean feel satisfaction after their participation. Also over eighty percent of them changed their images of the opponents. Although the unsatisfied Koreans are more than Japanese, most of their claims are the improvements of the festival management, not the opposition to the exchange business. In conclusion, Chapter 5 is evaluated about the overall effects of the international exchange business of lifelong sports events between Japan and Korea. The effect of this business is a trust and a continuous exchange between Japan and Korea, which the images of the opponent are changed positively each other. From now, Japanese and Koreans should join the survey team to make the common questionnaire and to manage the next step of exchange business. And then If it realized the extension of the sports exchange by the 2018 Korea Pyeongchang Olympic game the 2020 Japan Tokyo Olympic game and the 2021 Kansai World Masters Games, it would be expected more developmentally sports exchange business between Japan and Korea.

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