Thesis or Dissertation Performance Improvement for Electrode Flooding with Novel Gas Diffusion Layer Less Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells

Tanaka, Shiro

pp.1 - 160 , 2015-03-25
The gas diffusion layer (GDL)-less fuel cell that is composed of a corrugated-mesh shows less flooding performance even in the high current density region, because gases are supplied more uniformly to the catalyst layer in comparison with the conventional fuel cell utilizing GDL. On the other hand, its internal electrical resistance is higher than that of conventional fuel cell, because corrugate mesh and underneath microporous layer (MPL) makes less contact area with points-contact. This can increase the resistance at the interface between corrugated-mesh and MPL as well as MPL and catalyst layer (CL) greatly from the conventional fuel cell where GDL can make good contact with MPL. In this study the conductivities and contact resistances of each material are measured under various mechanical compression pressures, and coupled mechanical-electric-electrochemical simulation is developed to investigate the effect of these electrical resistance. As a result, it is found that our model can simulate well for the GDL-less fuel cell and the effect of the electric resistance in the GDL-less fuel cell has a big contribution on the polarization performance.

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