Departmental Bulletin Paper 新宿区の外国人・日本人を対象とする防災・共生に関する意識調査
A Survey on Consciousness of Disaster Prevention and Multicultural Symbiosis of Foreigner/Japanese in Shinjuku-ku

脇田, 彩

50pp.87 - 100 , 2015-06-19 , 首都大学東京人文科学研究科
This study introduces the outline and results of a survey on consciousness of disaster prevention and multicultural symbiosis of foreigners and Japanese in Shinjuku-ku. The survey was conducted to investigate the problems regarding disaster prevention and multicultural symbiosis in regions with considerable foreign population after the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011. The survey comprised Foreigner Survey and Japanese Survey. The Japanese Survey sheets were distributed to 20-69 randomly sampled Japanese living in Shinjuku-ku, while the Foreigner Survey sheets were distributed to 800 foreigners living, working, or studying in Shinjuku-ku via a Korean school, ethnic restaurants etc and 215 foreigners responded to the survey. The analysis suggested three outcomes regarding consciousness of disaster prevention among Koreans living in Shinjuku-ku (the major respondents of Foreigner Survey). First, they were more anxious after the earthquake and the nuclear incident than the Japanese. Second, compared with the Japanese, Koreans lacked the preparation for possible future earthquake. Third, Koreans who interacted more with the Japanese prepared more sufficiently for prospective earthquake than those who interacted less with the Japanese. Thus, from the disaster prevention perspective, we confirm that multicultural symbiosis in local society, including foreign population, is important.

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