Departmental Bulletin Paper Diversity in Leadership Development : A Case Study of Japanese Young People’s Attitudes Towards Diversity and Uncertainty Avoidance
Rogers, Lisa
Lee, Soo im

With fewer workers and fewer resources in a changing global economy and more challenging diverse world, diversity management is even more important and more challenging This study explores the connections between the values of uncertainty avoidance as part of diversity management of young Japanese university students and their views of Japanese society. Results suggest that young Japanese university students who participated in this research may not be as high on uncertainty avoidance as those Japanese who Hofstede and others originally studied. However, in light of their preference for, or pressure to conform to follow rules and leaders, the next step is to examine ways in which young Japanese can develop transformational leadership skills to become leaders and allies to help their organizations, society and cultural groups become more innovative and, in turn, empower others to ultimately transform organizations and society. It is hoped that the results of this study will provide motivation for future research and lead to creation of leadership development programs that focus on diversity management and inclusion.

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