Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育士養成課程におけるESPの有効性の考察 : 学習者の動機づけ観点から
A study of the effectiveness of ESP on an early childhood education course from the aspect of motivation
今村, 梨沙

50pp.192 - 204 , 2015-07-26京都 , 同志社女子大学英語英文学会
Interpretations of ESP (English for Specific Purposes) tend to be vague (Terauchi, 2012). Orr (2012) points out that ESP is one of language educations to help English learners accomplish their specific purposes by tasks. In the case of students on an Early Childhood Education Course, singing English songs for children is able to motivate to learn English (Kareira matsuzaki, 2009). This study explores an effectiveness of ESP on an Early Childhood Education Course. Research questions were : (1) How did students feel to sing English songs for children ? (2) What kinds of characteristics did songs which they chose have ? (3) What type of English class do they require ? As a result, they enjoyed singing English songs for children. On the other hand, students were eager to learn general English. It is valuable for them to take a class which English through an ESP approach merged with general English.

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