Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学校の職員室にみる教職員の諸活動の分化と連結 : 教職員インタビューの分析を通して
Differentiation and connection of teachers' work in of elementary school staffrooms : through an analysis of interviews with teachers
水本, 徳明

 It has been emphasized that effective school management requires collaboration among school staff members. Recently, the Ministry of Education and Science proposed a policy that promoted teamwork among school staff. To achieve this aim, it is important to understand how the staff members' duties are differentiated and connected. In this article, I investigate the aspects of the differentiation and connection of staff members' duties in elementary school staffrooms. For this purpose, I analyzed responses to interviews conducted with staff members at three elementary schools, from three points of view: (1) how staff members' duties are distributed between the classroom, clerical office, school nurse's office, and staffroom; (2) how staff members cooperate and communicate in staffrooms; and (3) the relationships between staffroom atmospheres and staff members' emotional states. The findings were as follows. Although the staff members' duties were distributed between the staffroom and other places based on their work assignments, the relationships among staff members influenced the distribution. The staff relationships can be classified into three types: observation without cooperation, assisting other staff members with their duties, and collaboration. These relationships influenced the staffroom atmospheres and staff members' emotional states. Communication focusing on the children and their education may help to promote collaboration among staff members.

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