Departmental Bulletin Paper Creating the ideal L2 self in a study abroad context
飯田, 毅
宮崎, 文菜
IIDA, Tsuyoshi

Although numerous studies have examined the relationship between motivation and study abroad, the relationship between the theory of the ideal self proposed by Dörnyei and study abroad has not been sufficiently clarified yet. The present study examined the relationship between the ideal L2 self and study abroad. The participants were 120 students from a Japanese women's university: 66 first-year students who had not yet studied abroad and 54 fourth-year students who had studied abroad for a year. We employed a questionnaire to collect the data. Both quantitative and qualitative analyses were carried out. The study found that a one-year study abroad was not directly connected to creating the ideal L2 self, but it led to imagining L2 usage. Moreover, the ideal L2 self is somewhat related to confidence in L2 learning and communication and interest in English-speaking people and cultures, which suggests that the ideal L2 self has some connection with integrative motivation or integrativeness.

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