Departmental Bulletin Paper Phytochemical Analysis of the Leaf of the Fuji Apple Tree
りんご “ふじ” の葉の植物化学的分析

Nagaki, Masahiko  ,  Kasai, Manami  ,  Goto, Yoshifumi

6 ( 1 )  , pp.19 - 26 , 2015-03-31 , 弘前医療福祉大学紀要編集委員会
We obtained volatile oil from the leaf of Malus pumila, var domestica CV ‘Fuji,’ by steam distillation, and extracted floral water (hydrosol) with hexane. We also analysed the aroma component of the leaf using the headspace method (HS method). Analysis of the extracts by flame ionization detectorgas chromatography and mass spectrometer-gas chromatography identified 34 components in the oil, of which phytol (34.2%) and (E, E)-α-farnesene (9.5%) were yielded as the principal components. In contrast, 47 components were identified from loral water, of which terpinen-4-ol (30.4%) and linalool (21.0%) accounted for 50% or more. Twenty-two compounds were identified as scent components,including E-2-hexenal (48.4%), 1-penten-3-ol (12.4%), and 3-pentanone (7.4%). Farnesene showed the antioxidant action. In order to shut down free radicals in the body and to prevent lifestyle-related diseaseas, and arteriosclerosis, I think that such fundamental studies become still more important.

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