Departmental Bulletin Paper 除雪ボランティアを通じた互助・共助コミュニティの構築に関する研究(その7): 豪雪地帯指定市町村内の除雪ボランティア活動実態と地域の実情に沿ったユニークな取組の事例検討
Investigation concerning the Construction of Cooperative, Interdependent Communities through Volunteer Activities of Snow Removal (Part7) : the actual conditions of snow-removal activities in the cities, towns and villages specially designated by the government as the areas of heavy snowfall, and an examination of some uniqe cases of their struggles with snow problems on the basis of their regional circumstances.

高橋, 和幸

(16)  , pp.45 - 63 , 2016-03-15 , 弘前学院大学社会福祉学部

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