Journal Article ベトナムにおけるハンセン病元患者自立支援プログラムの事例とハンセン病元患者によるプログラムへの評価
An example of the socio-economic rehabilitation program for ex-leprosy patients in Vietnam and its evaluation by the patients

渡辺, 弘之

85 ( 3 )  , pp.133 - 152 , 2016-12 , 日本ハンセン病学会
One of the leprosy treatment centers (hospital X) in Vietnam offers loan programs to start work as part of the socio-economic rehabilitation program for ex-leprosy patients. The aim of this study is to examine and evaluate the contents of the program from the ex-leprosy patients' perspective. The interview group was sub-divided into three groups: male/female and the younger group. A focus group interview method was used to collect qualitative data. The participant program group revealed that their income increased and their health condition improved; moreover, they evaluated the program highly as they can borrow business loan at no interest. Meanwhile, the participants were challenged with a few problems: the frequency in the illness of the livestock and the forcible discounting in the livestock's price by the customers who use the excuse that the livestock has been raised by ex-leprosy patients. The younger group had concerns regarding the program; they were worried about the repayment of the business loan. Both groups noted points to improve the current program especially in terms of changing the loan repayment schedule and loan volume. Therefore, the program has to be adapted to the needs of ex-leprosy patients.
科学研究費補助金 基盤研究(C)(科研費番号24530705)2012-2014

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