Departmental Bulletin Paper 発達障害児に対する特別な配慮実践─授業場面の相互行為を中心に─
Practice for “Special Consideration” Regarding Children with Developmental Disabilities: With a Focus on Mutual Interaction in the Classroom

松浦, 加奈子  ,  MATSUURA, Kanako

(87)  , pp.79 - 96 , 2018-03-01 , 都留文科大学
 This paper examines how children regarded as having developmental disabilitiesbecome children with developmental disabilities by focusing on the practices for “specialconsideration” in the relationship between those special children and other children in theclassroom. By studying learning scenes with teachers as the object of research, this paperclarifies the intended discipline in the classroom and observes mutual interaction for“special consideration” to be possibly performed. As a result of the analysis, the followingthree points are revealed.  First of all, teachers perform “special consideration” by not cautioning a student forhis or her problem behaviors such as running away from a classroom but approving “whathe or she can do” in front of the class members; thus, such student can be eventuallydifferentiated. Secondly, not all class members always expect practice of “supporting eachother” based on teachers’ perspective on education. At last, when a class has more thanone student with development disabilities, the relation with their parents as well as thecharacteristics of those children with special needs is necessarily for “specialconsideration” to be possibly performed.  In addition, this study shows how “special consideration” especially for students withdevelopment disabilities becomes available in the classroom with other students with otherproblem behaviors; consequently, it also points out teachers’ struggle to practice theirperspective on education and maintain classroom discipline.

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