Departmental Bulletin Paper 男女共同参画関連施設の啓発事業を「教育化」する意義
Gender Equality Promotion beyond Dichotomy between Education and Enlightenment

冨永, 貴公  ,  池谷, 美衣子  ,  TOMINAGA, Takahiro  ,  IKEGAYA, Mieko

(85)  , pp.127 - 144 , 2017-03-01 , 都留文科大学
This paper describes the significances and possibilities of enlightenment provided by genderequality promotion centers after Convention on the Elimination of All Forms ofDiscrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in 1979. Toward the ratification of CEDAW in1985, Japanese government needed domestic law’s development. After Basic Act for GenderEqual Society in 1999, local facilities for women across the country were renamed into genderequality promotion center. In gender equality promotion network among those centers,National Women's Education Center of Japan (NWEC) has continually taken a leading part.NWEC is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science andTechnology (MEXT), however, local gender equality promotion centers are under generaladministrative. Although their programs are regarded as enlightenment, local residents couldexperience those as discovering their new life and society. Those regarding work-lifebalancedin education sector shows those are based on three points; substantial balancebetween work and life, the importance of rooting on local life and developing localcommunities.

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