Departmental Bulletin Paper What It Means to Be Processed Faster: The Processing of Formulaic Sequences by Native and L2 Speakers

奥脇, 奈津美  ,  OKUWAKI, Natsumi

(85)  , pp.117 - 125 , 2017-03-01 , 都留文科大学
Formulaic sequences have been found to present a processing advantage compared tonon-formulaic equivalents by native speakers and sometimes by L2 speakers. This is eitherbecause formulaic sequences is processed as unanalysed holistic units or because they areprocessed in a highly automatized manner. It may also be due to the frequency of formulaicsequences, which plays an important part in language processing. In spite of different viewsregarding what implications these propositions may have for on-line processing, fasterprocessing itself is advantageous for L2 speakers. Based on the review of the concept offormulaicity, I discuss the studies investigating the processing of formulaic sequences andsuggest the importance of the question: What does it mean for formulaic sequences to hold aprivileged advantage, especially for L2 learners?

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