Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学生における生活習慣と精神的健康度の関係について
The Relationship between Mental Health and Lifestyle among University Students

中川, 佳子  ,  小林, 久美  ,  中村, 直人  ,  NAKAGAWA, Yoshiko  ,  KOBAYASHI, Kumi  ,  NAKAMURA, Naoto

(85)  , pp.49 - 57 , 2017-03-01 , 都留文科大学
This study investigated the lifestyle patterns and mental health status among universitystudents between the first, second and third-fourth year, to determine any age-relateddifferences and the relationship between them. The participants were 741 university studentsbetween 19 and 23 years old. They were divided into three groups by year. The anonymousquestionnaires addressed the lifestyle patterns (diet, sleeping quality, and college work-loadetc.) and the mental health status (GHQ-30). The results revealed that the average number ofcredits for a school year of 1 st and 2 nd years were more than of 3 rd and 4 th years,however, the study time was increasing in upper years. The responses of the students in the2 nd year displayed a more unhealthy mental state than in the other years. Although thepercentage of students skipping breakfast increased in accordance with year, 1 st and 2 ndyear students skipping breakfast showed significant worse among physical condition andsleeping disorder in GHQs. There were age-related change in lifestyle patterns and mentalhealth status among university students. They therefore may be suffering from specialfeatures correlated with their year at university.

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