Departmental Bulletin Paper Transformational and Unification Grammars

EVANS, Hywel

(83)  , pp.55 - 64 , 2016-03-20 , 都留文科大学
Noam Chomsky started a revolution in the study of Linguistics as scholars becameconvinced that the study of syntax revealed something about the structure of the brain itself.Even so, the Chomskyan approach to grammatical analysis is not the only one available andhas been aggressively challenged, particularly since the advent of Chomsky’s MinimalistProgram. This paper offers an overview of the historical development of TransformationalGrammar and its main form of competition, Unification Grammar. It is hoped that the readerwill understand how and why these different approaches developed in the way that they did.It is also hoped that the reader will begin to question which of these approaches offers thebest hope as a simpler, and therefore more truly minimalist, approach to linguistic inquiry.

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