Departmental Bulletin Paper 学業的援助要請における制御適合
The Regulatory Fit in Academic Help-seeking

市原, 学  ,  ICHIHARA, Manabu

(20)  , pp.73 - 84 , 2016-03-19 , 都留文科大学大学院
The purpose of this study was to investigate the fit effect of trait regulatory focus and helpseekingstyle on academic competence and interest. When individuals with dominant traitpromotion (prevention) focus enact help-seeking eagerly (vigilantly), they have highercompetence and interest than one does it vigilantly (eagerly). Additionally, individuals with fi texperience have higher competence and interest than ones high or low in both trait promotionand prevention focus. On the other hand, non-fi t individuals have lower competence and interestthan ones high or low in both foci.

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