Departmental Bulletin Paper Possible Links among Mirror Neurons and Genes Related to Autism

MOCHIZUKI, Mai  ,  望月,麻衣

(20)  , pp.61 - 72 , 2016-03-19 , 都留文科大学大学院
Autism includes many neurodevelopmental disorders and defi cits in communication. Althoughresearchers have considered various origins, the onset mechanism is still not clear. The aim ofthis article is to provide some clues for interaction of autism with mirror neuronal and geneticfactors. First, the impact of neural brain cells considered to infl uence autism will be discussedwith reference to mirror neurons. Then, the discussion will move to genes related to autism.Consequently, it is argued that a single factor cannot explain the mechanism of autism, yet therelations among various factors are responsible for autism.

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